The Legend of Louis Vuitton Unveiled

Solving the mystery back in time! Why has Louis Vuitton been so popular for 162 years?

There is absolutely no one in the fashion industry who would not know Louis Vuitton, one of the most renowned fashion house with so many iconic products. However, the beginning of the brand did not start off in the lap of luxury like what you see nowadays. In this article, SF BRANDNAME would like to take you back in time to reveal how Louis Vuitton can still be so popular for a very long time.

Monsieur Louis Vuitton was born on August, 4, 1821, in a small town of France. His family was in the labor class. His father, Francis Xavier Vuitton, was a farmer and Corrine Gaillard, his mother, worked as a hatter.

The beginning of Louis Vuitton’s journey started when he was 14. He spent over 2 years traveling on foot from his hometown, Anchay, to Paris with the approximated distance of 292 miles since he had to work to pay for his rent and food during the whole journey. When he arrived in Paris, Vuitton already reached the age of 16.

Another key moment that contributes to the start of Louis Vuitton brand was when he had a chance to work with the most renowned trunk maker at the time. He, then, became more experienced and connected with people from various occupations. Louis Vuitton began popular when he served under Eugénie de Montijo, the Queen of Napoleon III. His duty was to design trunks that were appropriate for all luxurious clothes.

Consequently, Vuitton were renowned among the rich and the famous since he had been designing trunks and baggage. In 1901, Louis Vuitton launched his first leather bag called Steamer Bag, a smaller piece of luggage designed to be kept inside Vuitton luggage trunks. Later on, all other bags have been very popular since.