Lady Dior

The history of a legendary bag like Lady Dior that many people may not know… This bag is one of Christian Dior's iconic bags and is an all-time investment.

Today, SF BRANDNAME will take you back in time to unlock the secret of the name of the bag. The story began in 1995 as Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, visited Paris, France. France's First Lady at the time, Bernadette Chirac, presented a specially designed bag by legendary designer John Galliano of Dior to the princess.

The Lady Dior bag was designed and crafted in 130 pieces of black sheepskin, hand stitched by seven DIOR craftspeople, and also features 'cannage' pattern inspired by the Napoleonic-era chairs at the 1947 launch of the first Christian Dior collection. This cannage pattern can be done only by excellently skilled craftspeople. A craftsperson takes 8 hours to make it. This includes sewing and assembling parts, including several silver parts that are made to complement the sash and the base of the bag and the DIOR lettering that is like an accessory on the bag to add aesthetics and elegance.

Soon after, the bag became very popular as Princess Diana carried it with her to many places, resulting in the 10 times increase in sales and 200,000 bags sold in a period of just 2 years. In honor of Princess Diana who made this appearance, Christian Dior named the bag "Lady Dior".