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About us

SF BRANDNAMEe offers a full range of secondhand luxury goods guaranteed to be excellently selected and stocked with a number of rare items. Customers can buy or sell products at a satisfactory price and also have peace of mind with the guarantee that the product is of 100% authentic.
Complete service at SF BRANDNAME.


SF BRANDNAME is a destination for lovers of second-hand branded goods, whether they buy, sell or consign. We believe that reaching as many buyers and sellers as possible is the key to success and internationalization.






Trading authentic goods is of utmost importance

The first consideration for secondhand luxury goods is undoubtedly legal (genuine) products, which is our top priority. We therefore provide a warranty card to guarantee that every product from us is absolutely authentic.

Excellent Purchase

The first thing that sellers often worry about when selling their products is the uncertainty about whether they will be paid immediately or not. Our answer is: you will be paid immediately or as soon as possible. Also, buyers can rest assured that they will certainly receive authentic products because we have a team of brand-name experts who will inspect every product with more than .... years’ experience.


Excellent Service

We are committed to providing the best experience and service to every customer. We care about every step from product packaging, fast and free delivery (for delivery in Bangkok area), redemption service, which is a very special service from us, as well as providing information about products and services by a dedicated team with guaranteed promptness for every customer.

Sell with us

Guarantee fair price estimate, better price than anywhere else.

sell with us

Sell with us

Guarantee fair price estimate, better price than anywhere else.

sell with us